Sunday, June 28, 2015

Real Country Music Is Still Alive

Over the last few years, mainstream country music has severely declined in quality. Some call this "evolving", but in reality, it's the exact opposite. It's become a watered down mixture of other genres with very little country influences other than the token banjo and pedal steel. However, real country music is still alive and well, but most of the time you gotta search for it. Blogs like Saving Country Music and Farce the Music have exposed me to many artists and songs that I had never heard before. Here are some favorites of mine.

1. Sturgill Simpson is on the forefront of becoming a legend. A native from my home state of Kentucky, his music has been released to critical acclaim without the help of a major record label. High Top Mountain and Metamodern Sounds In Country Music are great albums and I recommend them. Here's a medley of two songs off his first album. You Can Have the Crown and Some Days.

2. Here is a another great artist that has worked behind the scenes writing songs for big name artists like Luke Bryan, Chris Stapleton recently released his first album after being in the business for several years. It is great album called Traveler and I highly recommend it. Here is a track from the album also called Traveler.

3. Here is an example of a mainstream artist finally learning from his mistakes. Tim McGraw has been making music for more than twenty years. It's really hard to stay relevant for that length of time and I guess he thought the same thing and so that is why for a long time, he released crappy singles like Truck Yeah and Lookin' For That Girl. Fortunately, his last three single releases have been really great and I hope he stays on that path. Here's his latest single form his latest album Sundown Heaven Town. Here is Diamond Rings and Old Barstools.

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